About Janet

I live in Wales but am researching Scottish, English, Irish,  but not Welsh, ancestors! I’ve been a researcher by trade for more than 25 years, but it was only 2009 that I began to research my family history in earnest. Since then I have traced all lines of my family back to at least my great-great grandparents and as far as 10 generations back in two cases. I love the challenge and satisfaction of tracking down evidence, and building up a case from multiple sources. I am fascinated by the stories behind the names and dates: who my family were, what they cared about and how they lived.

Names that I am currently interested in:

  • Bell (Cumberland)
  • Sisson (Cumberland)
  • Huggon (Cumberland)
  • Brodie (Edinburgh, Dublin, Kinloss)
  • Shaw (Jamaica, Edinburgh)
  • Forrestal/Forreston (County Wexford)
  • Finlay (County Antrim)
  • Richardson (Edinburgh)
  • Gill (Aberdeen)
  • Walkingshaw (Newbattle)
  • Bee (Dalkeith)
  • Spencer (Leicestershire)
  • Neal (Leicestershire)




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