FHWC Day 4

A brief check in here to say mission accomplished for Day 4. Another 400 words written – some a rewrite of previous sections but all movement in the right direction.

What has particularly struck me today is how considering the detail of multiple records simultaneously can throw up new insights. Sometimes the information we need is staring right at us. We don’t always need to seek new documentation – it may be that taking a different lens to the documents we already have will move us forward.

For instance, today I discovered (from existing documents), that Alice’s father was promoted a few months before she was born, that the family returned to England from India in 1870 and that they moved to Leicester in 1873. Simply mapping what we know to a timeline reveals more context.

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3 Responses to FHWC Day 4

  1. kerbent says:

    I have had the same experience of finding information and elements of my story in the documents I already have, I think writing the story helps to give context and glue the elements together

  2. Jo Arnspiger says:

    Yes, sometimes we have more than we know and it’s not until we start putting all the pieces together that we see the whole picture, much like a jigsaw puzzle. I look forward to reading your story.

  3. Yes writing the story really does bring it all together. I haven’t done it before – but it is making sense of so much.

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