FHWC Day 3

This story is taking longer than I expected! I’m on day 3 of the writing challenge. Yesterday I did 278 words and today have written 521, so I am ahead of my pledge, with well over 1000 words, but only just getting going on my story! I have a feeling I may need to rethink my strategy on this one.

My original plan was to write a number of short stories for this blog and to try out different approaches to writing family history. I was going to use an A-Z theme – and have my topics mapped out.

But I find I am getting caught up in the first story – of my grandmother’s Aunt Alice. So my thought now is to stay with Alice and give her the time she deserves. It may take me a week – or the whole month – but I will do justice to her story.

If it means I don’t get past A in February – so be it. I can carry on in March!

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2 Responses to FHWC Day 3

  1. I agree! It’s almost like journalism; head where the story is hot. Best of luck!

  2. Thanks Heather. Yes plans are made to be changed – I am happy to follow the story right now!

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